Cave monasteries of Byzantine Cappadocia /

Konu Cave monasteries Turkey Cappadocia. Architecture, Byzantine Turkey Cappadocia. Cappadocia (Turkey) Antiquities, Byzantine.
Yazar Rodley, Lyn,
ISBN/ISSN 0521267986
Yıl 2010
Yayıncı Cambridge University Press,Cambridge [Cambridgeshire] ;|New York :
Yer Numarası(LC) NA5869.C3
Fiziksel Özellikler text|2rdacontent. xviii, 266 pages :|billustrations ;|c28 cm.
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100 1 Rodley, Lyn,|d1944-|eauthor.
245 1 0 Cave monasteries of Byzantine Cappadocia /|cLyn Rodley.
260 Cambridge [Cambridgeshire] ;|aNew York :|bCambridge University Press,|c2010.
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300 xviii, 266 pages :|billustrations ;|c28 cm.
336 text|2rdacontent.
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500 Includes indexes.
504 Bibliography: pages [255]-257.
505 |g1.|tTHE BACKGROUND p.1 --|tIntroduction, p.1 --|tGeography and history, p.2 --|tRock-cut architecture, p.5 --|g2.|tTHE COURTYARD MONASTRIES p.11-- |tIntroduction, p.11 --|tHallaç Monastery, p.11 --|tBezir Hane, p.26 --|tŞahinefendi Monastery, p.33 --|tKılıçlar Monastery, p.39 --|tSoğanlı Han, p.45 --|tKaranlık Kilise Monastery, p.48 --|tAynalı Kilise Monastery, p.56 --|tSelime Kalesi, p.63 --|tDirekli Kilise Monastery, p.85 --|tKaranlık Kale, p.95 --|tEski Gümüş Monastery, p.103 --|tAppendix: Other complexes, p.118 --|g3.|tACIK SARAY p.121 --|tAcik Saray No.1, p.122 --|tAcik Saray No.2, p.125 --|tAcik Saray No.2a, p.129 --|tAcik Saray No.3, p.132 -- |tAcik Saray No.4, p.137 --|tAcik Saray No.5, p.140 --|tAcik Saray No.6, p.142 --|tAcik Saray No.7, p.144 --|tAcik Saray Churches Nos.1 and 2, p.146 --|tFunction, p.148 --|g4.|tTHE REFECTORY MONASTRIES, p.151 --|tYusuf Koç Kilisesi Monastery, p.151 --|tThe Archangel Monastery, Cemil, p.157 --|tGöreme monasteries, p.160 --|tConclusion, p.182 --|g5.|tHERMITAGES, p.184 --|tIntroduction, p.184 --|tHermitage of Niketas the Stylite, p.184 --|tHermitage of the Monk Symeon, p.189 --|tKarabaş Kilise and complex, p.193 --|tSt Barbara, SoğanIı, and complex, p.203 --|tAyvalı Kilise, p.207 --|tTokalı Kilise, p.213 --|g6.|tTHE MONASTRIES AND THEIR CONTEXT p.223 --|tChronology, p.223 --|tArchitecture, p.224 --|tTechnique, p.224 --|tHermitages, p.225 --|tMonasteries, p.226 --|tMonastery churches, p.227 --|tDecoration and façades, p.236 --|tThe monasteries in use, p.237 --|tMonasticism, p.237 --|tHermitages, p.239 --|tMonastery plans, p.240 --|tCourtyard monasteries, p.244 --|tRefectory monasteries, p.249 --|tPatronage, p.250 -- |tConclusions, p.252 -- Select Bibliography -- Indexes -- Iconographic -- General, p.262.
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