Klazomenai at the dawn of the Early Iron Age: preliminary results and interpretations of a new research project

Netherlands Institute in Turkey (Hollanda Araştırma Enstitüsü - NIT)

Tarih : 16-12-2016 18:30

Recent years have seen an increasing archaeological and historical interest in Bronze and Iron Age Western Anatolia. In the wake of this development scholars have developed a range of new interpretative frameworks that challenge long-held views of the region as merely peripheral to the Aegean and central Anatolian worlds. Unfortunately, due to a lack of published archaeological information current discussions are necessarily based on very flimsy empirical grounds. To fill in some of the void a new research project was commenced at Klazomenai in 2014 that aims to analyse the quite extensive Early Iron Age remains from the site and carry out some further excavations to clarify the stratigrapic sequence spanning the final stages of the Bronze Age and the beginning of the Early Iron Age. The intend of this lecture is to present the first results from this project and discuss the implications of the new insights for our understanding of not just the site itself but also the wider Aegean world.