Inventing Byzantine iconoclasm /

Konu Bilderstreit Byzanz Geschichte
Yazar Brubaker, Leslie
ISBN/ISSN 9781853997501
Yıl 2012
Yayıncı Bristol Classical Press,London :
Fiziksel Özellikler xvi, 134 p. :|bill., maps ;|c24 cm.
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100 1 Brubaker, Leslie
245 1 0 Inventing Byzantine iconoclasm /|cLeslie Brubaker.
260 London :|bBristol Classical Press,|c2012.
300 xvi, 134 p. :|bill., maps ;|c24 cm.
440 0 Studies in early medieval history
504 Includes bibliographical references and index.
505 0 Introduction: what is Byzantine iconoclasm? -- The background -- The beginnings of the image struggle -- Constantine V, the 754 synod, and the imposition of an official anti-image policy -- The iconophile intermission -- The iconoclasts return -- The 'triumph of orthodoxy' and the impact of the image crisis -- Conclusions -- Index.
520 Byzantine 'iconoclasm' is famous and has influenced iconoclast movements from the English Reformation and French Revolution to Taliban, but it has also been woefully misunderstood: this book shows how and why the debate about images was more complicated, and more interesting, than it has been presented in the past. It explores how icons came to be so important, who opposed them, and how the debate about images played itself out over the years between c. 680 and 850. Many widely accepted assumptions about 'iconoclasm' - that it was an imperial initiative that resulted in widespread destruction of images, that the major promoters of icon veneration were monks, and that the era was one of cultural stagnation - are shown to be incorrect. Instead, the years of the image debates saw technological advances and intellectual shifts that, coupled with a growing economy, concluded with the emergence of medieval Byzantium as a strong and stable empire.
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